Pescao Placemats


These brightly coloured sardine and turbot placemats will make your dining table a joyous riot of colour.

The placemats are made from durable melamine with a eucalyptus base and baize backing. They withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees and can be wiped clean. 382 x 292 mm. Sold in single pieces with clear plastic packaging.

Sardina Placemats. Clockwise: Orange PESC-PMS-OR, Blue PESC-PMS-BL,
Pink/Green PESC-PMS-PG, Green PESC-PMS-GR.

Gallo Placemats. Clockwise: Orange PESC-PMG-OR, Teal PESC-PMG-TE,
Magenta PESC-PMG-MA, Yellow PESC-PMG-YE.